DYSTERHET - Träd in i Dimman (BAR005)
  Bleak Art Records is proud to announce the release of the debut Dysterhet album - "Träd in i Dimman". there is no other way to describe such a release with any other words but, "cold, obscure and dark" - or to make it short; Dysterhet.

The album captivates the essence of madness, depression, solitude and social exile from start to finish. It must be noted that this truly is the soundtrack of a tortured soul, and the beginning of a new era of Black Metal.

1 - Melankoli
2 - Irbloss
3 - Träd in i Dimman
4 - Sigfader
5 - Tystnad
6 - En Natt Med Storm
7 - Dysfori
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