COFFIN BIRTH - The Miracle Of Death (BAR003)
  Bleak Art Records is proud to announce the release of Coffin Birth's debut full length album; The Miracle Of Death! Digging down to the roots of Heavy Metal & Blackened vocals combined with eerie subject matter of horrific tales from beyond the grave. Coffin Birth is litterally an exhumation of the almost forgotten corpse of old school metal, and "The Miracle Of Death" has proven that death is only the beginning. Highly recommended for fans of Wichery!

1 - All Hallows Mass
2 - Arise from Damnation
3 - The Pain Of Being Dead (MP3)
4 - Secrets in the Rotten Tree
5 - Spiders of Insomnia
6 - Graveyards Ablaze(MP3)
7 - Fatal Baptism
8 - A Crime of Mere Existence
9 - The Miracle of Death


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