2008 Recording Lineup:

Jasper V.D. Veen Vocals
Lindsay A. Kerr Guitars
Cameron Saunders Guitars
Nick Engwer Bass
Craig Stewart Drums
Jason Robertson Synths

The music of Black Lotus began as a collection of songs that Lindsay A. Kerr started writing in 2002. By the summer of 2005 it had evolved into a full band, and in December of that year the full length album "Light Subsides" was recorded. The album was released in late 2006 by China's Dying Empylver Productions.

Nick Engwer subsequently took over the bass duties and Christine Apro replaced Dani Hill. Several new songs were created and the recording of the Promo 2007 during the last two days of 2006..

April of the new year brough the band's debut live concert in Victoria BC, accompanied by Sistrenatus and Fauna.

Black Lotus parted ways with Tegan Musser and Christine Apro and welcomed Jason Robertson and Cameron Saunders to its ranks, forming the strongest lineup yet. During April 2008 Black Lotus began recording what would be their second full length release, and on October 1st, 2008; "Harvest Of Seasons" was Officially released.

Much inspiration is drawn from Black Lotus' surroundings on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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