Lennart Martens - Absolute Hate & Depravity

From the North of the Fatherland comes Eisenfeld, a menacing combination of epic Pagan Black Metal and the stinging cold bitterness melacholy; influenced by his pain, hatred & anger, unified with a musical influnce which lies clearly in the deep roots of Xasthur, Burzum and Abyssic Hate.

At the age of 10 Martens was quick to begin listening to early Death & Thrash Metal, which was influenced unto him by his older siblings. 6 years later he bought his first electric guitar and began composing his own music. Not until Black Metal was more available did Martens find his true passion, a music which gave him strength and pride, and one which he would soon perfect to express all the years of pain and anger.

Discovered inadverantly while contacting Dysterhet, Bleak Art Records received a message shortly after from Eisenfeld through myspace in regards to the "demo" material recorded. After careful review, some constructive criticisms and other discussions, an agreement was reached and Eisenfeld signed to release the debut full length album in fall 2007.

"Love, money and friendship are transitory, but Black-Metal will never die!" - Lennart Martens

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