Dyster - Pagan Worship & Infinite Obscurity

Decadent, Harsh, Desolate and Obscure, these are only just a few of the words which can best describe the sound of this one man Nordic project.

Hailing from Sweden, Dysterhet started as a personal project with the intent of writing music with no compromise, the result quickly captured the attention of many with his 3 track self titled Demo, which was soon released in an exclusive 100 copies by the Greek DIY label "Daemonokratia Productions". Prior to the official release date of the Demo, Bleak Art Records was already in contact with Dyster and had expressed interest in working to release the full length Dysterhet album, and now the album completion is nearly in sight.

This upcoming release will be recommended mostly for fans of Nortt, Shining, and Forgotten Woods. This is a project not for those with faint interests in Black Metal, as promised Dysterhet has given no compromise and produced a truly original sound.

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