Recording Members:
Stevil! - Vocals & Words
Nuclear Nate - Lead Guitar & Drums
St. James Oliver - Guitars
Baron Von Hamlow - Bass

Coffin Birth was dug up from Eastern Canada and the whole concept behind the band, is to return to their roots, to perform music that originally inspired the band, being King Diamond the biggest influence.

The philosophy behind Coffin Birth was literally ripped from the pages of an old EC comic book. Comics like Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Eerie and Creepy are a direct influence to the lyrics and to the graveyard philosophy that is Coffin Birth. The dark humor and imagery from these morbid tales had a certain element of class to them very much like the music and content of the King.

Coffin Birth has recorded 3 track demo (currently available on Myspace) which was used to spread the word and landed a deal with Bleak Art Records. The new album entitled "The Miracle of Death" will be released later this year and will be more advanced, and will be heading even more towards a horror movie thematic. Expect no less than TRUE old school Blackened Heavy Metal.

"The resurgence of retro metal is pathetic and has provided us with the fuel we need to step up and take metal back by its horns. Coffin Birth is a declaration by four individuals that have a true passion for their craft." - Stevil

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