David Parks - Guitars, Keyboards, Mouth Harp, Drum Programming, Vocals

From the Southern regions of Alberta Canada, Dark Forest is an Epic Pagan Metal project which deals with concepts of nature, heathenism and battle, with heavy references and connections to Norse mythology.

Dark Forest's discography consists of a demo simply entitled "Demo 2005" and the full length album "Aurora Borealis", both self released. Bleak Art Records is now taking care of a more professional release and distribution of those. The new Aurora Borealis press will come with improved artwork and include the "Demo 2005" as bonus tracks

Even though Dark Forest is essentially a one-man band, David Parks has a full live line-up and has performed many concerts around Canada and was even invited to play the Heathen Crusade II Festival, with major acts such as Vreid, Manegarm, Bal Sagoth, Skyforger and others. The interest in the band has grown considerably well and the specialized media labeled Dark Forest's sound Vinlandic Pagan Black Metal, however Parks still prefers to the title "Heathen Metal"

David Parks currently continues the writing process for a new album, with a title that is not to be revealed yet, not a release date that is currently known. It channels the atmosphere and traditions of Dark Forest into a new level of presentation. This newer material shifts more towards a historical viewpoint of Canada's Viking past and the historical importance of Vinland.

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