Wolf Lutemkrat - Dark voice and Evil chants, electric, acoustic and bass guitar, drums and percussion, lyrical obscurity and poetry

"The word Lutemkrat doesn't have a real meaning. It's just a conceptual abstraction that defines the music themes: Destruction, War, Chaos, Hatred, Loyalty and Honour." - Wolf Lutemkrat

Hailing from the cold southern forests of South America, Lutemkrat is living proof that this region has proud individuals with European traditions and heathen beliefs, despite of the majority of the people living in countries like Brazil.

Wolf started composing back in 2000 and always had as main objective to express his feelings in the form of dark and aggressive music, with it's roots carved in the 90's Black Metal era, still, looking for it's own and original sound.

Lutemkrat has only released a self released MCD, entitled "Never Surrender", which got high-scored reviews from big local magazines such as "Rock Brigade" and "Roadie Crew" and numerous webzines. That MCD sold out pretty quickly.

Lutemkrat is now signed to Bleak Art Records and is right now in the final process of recording/mixing the debut full length album entitled "The Last Survivor", which promises to be a Pagan Black Metal masterpiece, essential to listeners of bands such as Taake, Gorgoroth, or Kampfar.

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